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SoleilGlo Review

 Why should I whiten my teeth?

Want a dazzling, white smile without having to pay out for costly treatments? Me, too. So let me share my experience with the latest recommended product for safe teeth-whitening at home: SoleilGlo.

Since I adore coffee and enjoy a few glasses of red wine now and then, staining of my teeth has unfortunately been inevitable. Last time I went to my dentist, she cleaned my teeth and recommended a whitening treatment to keep my smile as fresh as possible. Luckily she didn’t push me to use their services, but rather kindly said to try a kit at home as “they work the same, whether you are at home or here. Just make sure to not keep the gel on for too long.” Wow! A dentist that doesn’t try to push costly treatments on unsuspecting customers. I’m keeping thet one!

So of course I took her friendly advice and went home and immediately started researching what products are recommended. I came across a new whitening product called SoleilGlo that sounded like a professional treatment as it uses a UV accelerator (something I have seen at the dentist’s before)


What is SoleilGlo Advanced Teeth Whitening System?

The SoleilGlo promises to whiten teeth up to 7 shades with a powerful whitening gel that is inserted into a flexible tray and then attached to your teeth. The tray comfortably wraps around your teeth so the gel covers them well, and the whitening effect will be even.

In the pack there is also a UV accelerator which activates the whitening effect of the gel. The product promises to give longer lasting results as the extreme whitening gel is able to penetrate the teeth for deep whitening.

The whitening formula includes Sodium chlorite, EDTA, Glycerin, and Cellulose gum as the active ingredients. As these are gentle on the teeth, even people with sensitive teeth and gum should be able to use SoleilGlo for brighter, whiter teeth.

soleilglo packDid SoleilGlo whiten my teeth successfully?

So once my package arrived in the post, I began my preparations to improve my fading smile. The box looked sleek and very professional which made me feel I had made a good choice trying this particular product. Inside the box I found three ubes of gel, a mould for the teeth and a UV accelerator. There is also a shade guide and an instructions booklet.

With all the products laid out, I carefully read the manual before commencing the treatment. The instructions were clear: First I had to activate the gel with the UV accelerator, and then put the gel inside the teeth tray, applying it evenly across the length of the tray. Then the teeth tray had to be placed over my teeth and gently pressed down from above and below- this ensures teeth are evenly covered with the gel for maximum whitening effect. After around thirty seconds, the instructions said to release the pressure and remove the tray- something I did with ease.

To reach the desired whitening effect, I had to repeat the process with the SoleilGlo whitening gel and accelerator combo once every day.

After the first application, I noticed my teeth had been bleached at least one shade, and by day 5 I was incredibly happy with the results: There was no yellow stains to be seen anywhere on my teeth. What a result!

What was my SoleilGlo verdict?

  • How was it to buy?

It was super easy to purchase the SoleilGlo whitening product online. I found it on various websites, and as I received free delivery on one site, I bought it through them. For your purchase, look around on the web to see who offers you the best deal in your particular area. The box arrived within a week, and was in perfect condition when it got delivered by my lovely postman!

  • Was it easy and comfortable to use?

The instructions for SoleilGlo were easy to understand- both pictures and text was included for easy comprehension. The items were securely packaged inside the box, and I was impressed by the minimalist, and professional design. The whitening gel and flexible teeth-mould were easy to use with the activating UV accelerator.

When attaching the tray onto my teeth, I felt a slight cooling effect but the 30 second whitening process was otherwise comfortable. (Note: If you are allergic to certain chemicals do make sure to read the ingredients list as a precaution- as with any other beauty products you use).

I experienced a whitening effect straight away, and continued for 5 days to reach my desired shade.

The whitening effect may differ between people, so you may need to use SoleilGlo a longer or shorter time depending on how effectively the product does its magic on your teeth.

To conclude, it really was an easy, safe and successful whitening product as it did exactly what it says on the tin.


Would I recommend SoleilGlo for whitening teeth?

On day 3 of my treatment, I had about half of my colleagues comment on my amazing smile, so yeah, I definitely recommend it! In fact, two of my friends ordered their own sets of SoleilGlo advanced teeth whitening products within the week, and they are now flashing whiter smiles all around the office.

The cost for the quality is really reasonable, and anyone whose teeth are starting to lose their sparkle should try SoleilGlo out today. I have never smiled as much, and just the other day my husband mentioned I now look 10 years younger with my “beautiful and bright smile.” A compliment well worth the money!