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Mental Exercises That Enhance Brain Power

The small power pack of the brain can be strengthened if kept engaged and active through simple yet challenging every day activities. Along with balanced diet, physical exercises and regular sleep, some mental exercises will boost up the brain function.

Challenge with Math:

Try to do Math in your mind without using any calculator. While shopping in a market, playing games, walking on a track, keep on calculating figures by adding, multiplying or dividing. This little Math helps to sharpen the cognitive skills and memory.

Setting Goals:                              

The brain works sharply when it is utilized positively for creative endeavors. Ruminating for worthless issues do not cause anything good to the brain. Thinking positively about the future, setting goals for something, planning a strategy and pondering over productive matters can really enhance the brain activity.

Play Games:                                

The brain can be vitalized by playing simple and interesting games. Remember puzzles which we used to play in our childhood?? Yes, you can still play with it to keep your brain active. Puzzles are the best means to sharpen the memory and cognitive skills. So it’s never too late. If you are helping your child sharpen up his or her mental skills, try it out for yourself too.

Learn Something New:   

Do not underestimate the power of your brain by avoiding learning new things or a language just because you are an elderly person now. It works better by keeping it active through memorizing new words, vocabulary or a different language. You can even play with music by joining some classes to learn a musical instrument of your choice.

If you love cooking and eating, enhance your brain power through that way. Learn cooking new recipes that tempt everyone around you. While tasting a cuisine, try recalling the ingredients. All these activities will engage all of your 5 senses of sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste in different ways. The more the senses are involved; the brain will work more accurately.

Test your Memory:             

Cognitive and thinking skills can be enhanced by putting your memory to a test. Try memorizing a new telephone number of your friend and then recalling it when needed. Similarly, you can test your memory by exploring a new route to your favorite shopping mall and then drawing a map of it.

Start trying out these little but interesting activities to boost up your mental health and give your life a positive turn.

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