Body Exercises That Stimulate Brain Activity

If you are asked to cut down a huge, old tree with a saw, what you will do first? Are you thinking of gathering strong people to help you out? Of course not. Just sharpen your saw. The sharper it is, the quicker the job done. Same goes with our little in size but powerful brain too. A fit and active brain is the regulatory centre of all our hormones, activities, movements, memory, feelings and emotions. The healthier the brain, the better is your life. Here are some of the ways to keep the brain healthy and stimulated:

Running and Walking:

Physical exercises are not only essential for cardiac performance but regulate the blood flow throughout our body. The research proves the benefits of 20 minutes daily work out to sharpen the memory, growth of brain cells, quick response and stimulation of various hormones essential for human body. Walking or Running on a track or treadmill enhances the sweat release which triggers the release of a plethora of oxygen and glucose in the brain cells. The more they release, the better the brain performs.

Let’s Play it With Music:

Yes, definitely, music has a strong effect on brain activity. It relaxes the muscles and brain cells and this is how it reduces stress. When combined with Aerobics or Yoga, it becomes another important physical exercise to release neurotransmitters like Serotonin which is a famous mood elevator. Now you do not require chocolates to keep your mood up. Aerobics do it right for you.

Swimming, Dancing and Daily Chores:

Swimming is also a very important physical activity which involves exercise and movement of the whole body. Dancing, playing tennis, walking, and even performing domestic chores like mopping the floor, climbing up stairs all regulate blood flow to the brain cells, causing them to grow in size. This growth results in increased memory, regulate the release of growth and stress hormones as well as enhances the problem solving and decision making capabilities.


The interesting Neurobics exercises – the use of 5 senses through simple and everyday activities – miraculously stimulate the brain functioning. In our routine lives, we become habitual of using few senses of hearing and vision only. But involving all our 5 senses of hearing, vision, smell, touch and taste can also grow and preserve our brain cells.

Simple Activities:

The physical body exercises must be complimented with some other simple activities too. Use of a healthy diet, laughing a lot, surrounding yourself with fun-loving and happy people and playing mental activity games can stimulate the brain growth and activity positively.

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