Brain exercises

Mental Exercises That Enhance Brain Power

The small power pack of the brain can be strengthened if kept engaged and active through simple yet challenging every day activities. Along with balanced diet, physical exercises and regular sleep, some mental exercises will boost up the brain function. Challenge with Math: Try to do Math in your mind without using any calculator. While […]

Healthy food for the brain

Healthy Foods for the Brain

A balanced and healthy life comes through a package of balanced diet. The diet containing all essential food components from carbohydrates to minerals is essential not only for physical fitness and cardiac activity but also for mental health. This article discusses the significance of healthy foods for an enhanced mental activity. Fish and Brain Go […]


Body Exercises That Stimulate Brain Activity

If you are asked to cut down a huge, old tree with a saw, what you will do first? Are you thinking of gathering strong people to help you out? Of course not. Just sharpen your saw. The sharper it is, the quicker the job done. Same goes with our little in size but powerful […]